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BANKS V6 Diesel Engine Power

Sunday, November 18th 2012. | Utilities

Banks Diesel V6 Good Things Come in Small Package

V6 Diesel Engine Banks Powertrain, a division of Banks Engineering. is bringing a V6 diesel engine to market sometime in 2013. This new-to-the-U.S. motor is a version of the VM Motori 630, DOHC, 60-degree V6 Diesel Engine that has been in use in Europe for just a few years now. Whereas the VM Motori version, the A630, has been used in Chrysler and Jeep autos for the Europea.n market, it’s not out there within the United States yet and cannot be used for any conversions or new builds as a result of it’s not EPA certified. Business rumors are that some 2013 vehicles, such because the Grand Cherokee, will get an EPA version of the 630, but their availability for other aftermarket and conversion uses will probably be strictly limited for the fast future.

V6 Diesel Engine

The brand new Banks massaged 630T model could have certification–and even better, it also makes more energy than the Euro version. One would count on no much less from Gale Banks Engineering and its powertrain division. Best of all, after the certification is accomplished, you’ll have the ability to get one to drop into your rig of choice.

V6 Diesel Engine

The Banks Powertrain 630T may have an Autolvlincl electronic diesel controller for gasoline administration and a base energy output of 268 hp at 4,000 rpm and 421 lb/ft at 2,000 rpm. This is up from the unique VM Motori 0E numbers of 240 hp at three,400 rpm and four hundred lb/ft at 2,four hundred rpm. The light-weight aluminum engine will tip the scales at around 498 pounds in full gown, and all this is in a package deal that shall be about 31.5 inches high, 21?? inches extensive and 22.fifty three inches long.

This makes it small enough to your midsize pickup, Jeep. Sand Rail or every other smaller rig that will profit from the facility and torque of a diesel engine. We do not have the space to cowl all of the detailed factors in regards to the Banks 630T Diesel V6 on this column, so we’ll cover the newest info and the highlights of the package. First off, Gale Banks Engineering and Powertrain division has been involved with the U.S. army for years.

V6 Diesel Engine

This means that you’ll likely see some of these motors in a few specialty military rigs Ln the near future. To this end, Banks is doing testing and refine- ments on this engine using 1P8. or mili- tary-grade fuel. The little, oil-burning V6 Diesel Engine will be tested on both JP8 and DF2 [standard diesel #2 | fuel]. It’s not surprising that the engine can make more power with DF2 than JP8. but then, the

army ean’t run jets on DP2. The power loss is about 5 to 6 percent on the same fuel movement rate. The up side for every potential user of the 630T is the com- pact size of the V6 and its greater output per cubic: inch. The Banks 630T is unique OE trim however places out 240 hp for its 490-pound, wet, totally dressed engine weight.

V6 Diesel Engine

This equals 2.04 pounds of engine weight per hp produced. {By comparability, a Cummins 4lSBe makes 185 hp and weighs ‘I95 pounds wet and fully dressed, or 4.30 kilos per hp. Additionally, a Caterpillar C411- ACERT makes 174 hp;‘980 kilos wet and absolutely dressed, or 5.sixty three kilos per hp.] Banks also plans to take this light-weight powerplant even farther. with a. 600hp, 7,500rprn version within the works and targeted at Bonneville for next year. Each pound counts in the army, on the monitor and just drivitig round town. More energy per pound of engine means extra power to haul, pull and simply Save fuel. Diesel World is exited in regards to the Banks 630T program and will proceed to maintain you knowledgeable as issues progress with this program.

Editor’s note: Banks Power is also working on transmission options for the 630Tmotor, so you shoutdnt have to work that issue out on your own.



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