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Diesel 7.3 Powerstroke Oil Pan Fix

Wednesday, November 21st 2012. | Utilities

Diesel 7.3 powerstroke Oil Pan Fix – Sometimes, it’s the little things that cause big problems. Some of these little problems that can be a big pain in the ass stem from normal wear and tear; others stem from a weak or poor design from the factory. The dipstick housing on a 7.3L Power Stroke is a prime example.

Over time, it’s not uncommon for the factory oil pan dipstick adapter to start leaking. According to Ford experts at Strictly Diesel, of Phoenix, Arizona, the stock adapter installs from the inside [with the oil pan off] and is sealed with a single internal 0-ring. It’s very common for this O-ring to develop a leak as time goes by.

Diesel 7.3 powerstroke Oil Pan Fix

This problem can be fixed with factory parts. but you have to be careful not to drop the internal piece down in the pan while recovering the old 0-ring and installing the new one. Then, you have to cross your fingers that the factory internal piece is not deforn1ed—-in which case, it will all have been for nothing because it will still leak. If things are really jacked up, out comes the motor from the truck. and off comes the oil pan.

Diesel 7.3 powerstroke Oil Pan Fix_doc

At nearly 20-plus labor hours, this is not a cheap fix. Strictly Diesel deals with a lot oi 13L diesels, so its crew has seen it all. “II the factory dipstick adapter has leaked for some time, its pretty common to find that someone hm attempted to fix it. We’ve seen everything from silicone or other sealants to J B Weld,” said Dennis Schroeder, co-owner of Strictly Diesel. “And it the nut was overtightened in an attempt to stop the leak, the inside piece will be deformed, and the O~ring will make even less contact with the pan.

Diesel 7.3 powerstroke Oil Pan Fix

” To fix this common leak without the high labor costs. Strictly Diesel offers its 13L Oil Pan Dipstlck Adapter Repair Kit. The kit features a billet- aluminum adapter housing with a double O—ring seal. It installs from the outside of the oil pan without engine removal. Best of all, the kit can easily be removed, resealed and reinstalled with no special tools required, other than an inch / pound torque wrench. The kit will fit 1994 – 2003 7.3L equipped pickups, vans and Excursions.

The hardest part of the install accessing the factory adapter by removing the starter—and also removing the factory adapter if some of the more “exotic” shade tree seating methods have been attempted.

Additionaly, it’s a good time to do any oil change on the truck and chain the oil pan. ‘The rest of the install is a simple R8.H process, which we have highlighted in the following

photos. If you own a Diesel 7.3L, Power Stroke and have been stymied with an oil leak at the dipstick adapter, the Strictly Diesel Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit is worth looking into—s0 you can put away the JB Weld and silicone sealer.


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